Thursday, July 22, 2010


so i walked through what seemed like a small side street made of bricks
along side a building
that i soon found out was a castle of sorts
they were building a playhouse along side it
and attaching it to what seemed like not the best spot for the house
there was to be a meeting held soon
a "family" meeting
and i apparently was family because soon i found myself at this long table inside the castle
there were a bunch of different people all with me
all family
and i had drawn a number so i was to go first
i stood up and pointed out that although im never taken seriously..
i would like to be
and that i felt that the playhouse should be moved to a different spot
making quite good points about architural integrity and building efficiency
by the end it was agreed upon and i felt i had been heard
we went outside to the "roof"
it was a uneven and oddly shaped roof made of cement
with different sized pillars and squares along which we were climbing
no flat floor just uneven giant square and round slabs
we were supposed to start painting
and everyone wanted to know what color we were to paint it
so i started taking everything into consideration and decided on a lovely shade of
some started to paint
while me and another girl went over to some concrete steps to lay down
we were laughing and playing
the sun was warm i remember
and suddenly i was soo thirsty!
i saw two glasses of water for us on the steps
and chugging both
she watched me drink her water and layed back down
we then proceded to make out
this is where it got a bit weird...

the end ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


i was in a parking lot with two other people
it started raining a little and then the wind picked up
i looked up to the sky and saw clouds swirling around
suddenly a funnel cloud formed right in front of me
i saw it touch down
there was a flash of bright light
and we needed to get inside
we ran into a building
i looked out the front glass doors to see something white fly by
i knew the tornado was coming at us
we tried to run for cover
there was no basement... only a small bathroom
we ran to an open bathtub and got in
we felt the wind shaking the building but nothing crashed down
i looked again out a small side window
then realized it was us that was spinning
the building i was in was flying through the tornado
like that old house in the wizard of oz
we were going to crash down and braced for it
i was holding onto a small child
but instead of a crash we just slid into place in the middle of nowhere
i remember the feeling of relief
as i woke up..