Thursday, July 22, 2010


so i walked through what seemed like a small side street made of bricks
along side a building
that i soon found out was a castle of sorts
they were building a playhouse along side it
and attaching it to what seemed like not the best spot for the house
there was to be a meeting held soon
a "family" meeting
and i apparently was family because soon i found myself at this long table inside the castle
there were a bunch of different people all with me
all family
and i had drawn a number so i was to go first
i stood up and pointed out that although im never taken seriously..
i would like to be
and that i felt that the playhouse should be moved to a different spot
making quite good points about architural integrity and building efficiency
by the end it was agreed upon and i felt i had been heard
we went outside to the "roof"
it was a uneven and oddly shaped roof made of cement
with different sized pillars and squares along which we were climbing
no flat floor just uneven giant square and round slabs
we were supposed to start painting
and everyone wanted to know what color we were to paint it
so i started taking everything into consideration and decided on a lovely shade of
some started to paint
while me and another girl went over to some concrete steps to lay down
we were laughing and playing
the sun was warm i remember
and suddenly i was soo thirsty!
i saw two glasses of water for us on the steps
and chugging both
she watched me drink her water and layed back down
we then proceded to make out
this is where it got a bit weird...

the end ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


i was in a parking lot with two other people
it started raining a little and then the wind picked up
i looked up to the sky and saw clouds swirling around
suddenly a funnel cloud formed right in front of me
i saw it touch down
there was a flash of bright light
and we needed to get inside
we ran into a building
i looked out the front glass doors to see something white fly by
i knew the tornado was coming at us
we tried to run for cover
there was no basement... only a small bathroom
we ran to an open bathtub and got in
we felt the wind shaking the building but nothing crashed down
i looked again out a small side window
then realized it was us that was spinning
the building i was in was flying through the tornado
like that old house in the wizard of oz
we were going to crash down and braced for it
i was holding onto a small child
but instead of a crash we just slid into place in the middle of nowhere
i remember the feeling of relief
as i woke up..

Thursday, June 24, 2010


talking to some blonde girl through a cabinet
she was showing how it worked
one of the pieces fell apart
and my father came in to show us how to fix it
the girl started flirting with my father so he left the room ..i followed
we were in some sort of lobby
waiting for family members to arrive
at the last minute my cousin (who i was hoping would get there) didnt make it
so i wandered back into the room where the girl had been
she was now laying on a couch
there was another blonde girl on the floor in a sleeping bag
they were laughing so i walked over to talk to them
i soon realized they were telling stories of how mean they were to people
and laughing about it
when i spoke up... they didnt care.
so once again i left
as i walked out of the room i realized i was on a highway
i was driving and had a passenger
somehow some dogs had gotten loose and were running in the opposite direction of traffic
and coming at us
i remember thinking we need to help them

suddenly i was on the road walking
i was with a friend of mine (who i think was the passenger too)
and then some family of mine started walking with us
a small kid was near me and i picked him up to carry him as we went into this large building
once inside i put the child down and he ran off
a few of us sat down in this rounded booth
my friend sat next to me
i remember my friend leaning over and whispering something in my ear
i forgot what he said
but in the next moment i felt his hands on the inside of my leg
whatever he said made me feel this was ok
i wanted it
suddenly it was just us
still in the seats only there was no table and no one with us
i could feel his hands on me (among other things)
we were completely consumed

needless to say the dream ended well.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


i was in a hotel room
visiting a man whom i had known
i knew i loved this man and wanted to be with him but we couldn't
my mother was there sitting on the couch with us
she was talking to him and asking him things
i think she knew he was the one
but didn't let on

we were walking around this hotel suite
and the two of us passed in the back room
he leaned in and kissed me. quickly but lovingly
i instantly got tears in my eyes
i told him how i was waiting for him.. or trying at least
and i missed him
and i couldn't wait till we could be together
he whispered to me that we must wait longer
and wandered off to another room to get ready

he was going with some other men on some sort of mission
they were to take a plane and somehow get past all this security and guards
i too had friends now in the room with us
they were gearing up
planning to create a distraction and to make sure the plane could get away without being caught
i started to get ready too
watching him and knowing i would miss him terribly
he could see the sadness in my eyes
he walked over and helped me tuck my shirt in and put on some big sweatshirt thingy
it was sweet of him
but then he was off
i remember him walking toward the door and me being oh so sad
and wondering how much longer i could wait...

then i was outside in a boat
there was a radar screen we were watching and walky talkies
a woman got on the boat with us. she informed us she had put something in the way so the security couldn't get to the plane as it took off.
we watched the radar screen until we saw the plane had made it
we were quite happy
and traveling down this river
then security stopped up
they were just talking to us a first
but suddenly were in a warehouse
their were dogs surrounding us
attack dogs
i remember i had to play as if i was afraid of them
so that the bad guys didn't know i could get past them
they finally let us go and we were back on the boat
i remember looking at my phone thinking
the he should be calling me to let me know if he made it soon

then i woke up

Saturday, June 5, 2010


(photo by: erosturannos)

i was walking down a road in my town
and noticing that they had put up new fruit & veggie stands
on some of the buildings.
like a farmers market..
i walked through looking at all the new fruits and foods
and taking photos of them.
as i walked through them thinking how lovely it all looked
i noticed i was headed straight for a pool
i walked right down some concrete steps into it
still holding my camera
only now i was talking to a man on it
as if it were a phone on speaker
i remember seeing my father and family
i tried to fix the camera so i could talk more privately
but it didnt work
so i spoke out loud
i was wading in the pool water almost chest high
as i talked
we set the camera i was holding up
so that we could see eachother through it
we talked until i heard a giant thud
then i woke up

..... (the thud was real)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


so i was in this big yard.. i think my fathers
and there were people all around and family
we noticed this huge lion walking amongst us
someone had said he was friendly so we didn't think twice
i watched him as he walked..
so big and strong, i felt drawn to him
then something happened
the lion suddenly seemed to be getting mad or frustrated
he roared loudly and then started slowly running through the crowd
his eyes fixed on me
i felt nervous at first
but then i saw him running toward me
i got scared and unsure of what his intentions were
so i ran
into a small room and two other women ran with me
we just got the door shut to the room as the lion reached us!
we were holding the door closed as hard as we could
but the lion roared and the door broke
suddenly it was just me

in what now seemed to be a bathroom
and the lion was looking at me through the broken door
i decided for some reason my best bet was to get into the bathtub
so i ran to it and hopped in.
i layed down in the fetal position with my head down
i realized there was a couple inches of water in the tub and i didn't want to stick my face in
so i put my head down as close to it as possible
suddenly the lion burst in
i was frightened still unsure of what he would do
he ran over to me and stuck his face right by mine..
i remember peeking and seeing his giant eye looking at me
he was sniffing me
checking me out
then he stuck his nose in the water and started drinking
i realized then i had read him all wrong

slowly and cautiously i brought my hand up to pet his thick fur
i remember sitting there in the water just running my hands over him and petting him
he stopped drinking and watched me
as if he too was nervous
once he realized what i was doing he smiled
and drank some more
then turned to me
i remember looking at him and seeing how amazingly beautiful he was
his face , his eyes, his stomach was covered in what looked like
a rainbow of colors
i started to pet him all over and smiled and laughed
i felt happy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i was with my husband...
only i dont know exactly who he was
i didnt so much see him as feel his presence
it felt peaceful and nice
i was in a house and waiting for something
it was a new home
and i was going through rooms
making things nice & fixing somethings that had been broken

two children came in (girls)
and i was aware of more sleeping in another room
i was trying to show them where everything was going to be
there were coats we were putting away
and just as i went to finish up with something...
i woke up

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i was inside this room with the door closed
a man came to the door and knocked
i was talking to him
and told him to come in
but he kept talking through the door
again i told him to come in
still he kept talking
his words started to muffle and i couldnt quite understand what he was saying
so again i said come in
so i can understand you better

my family was on the other side of the door as well
they told the man to go in
it was ok

just as he went to open the door
i woke up


Monday, May 24, 2010


i was in traffic under a bridge.
only instead of people in cars we were just standing
i had some sort of casserole meat dish in my hands..
people kept looking at it
and then two older teenage boys came over and asked me about it
they picked the food up out of the dish and laughed
they said they thought it was "stripper cake"
( no idea what stripper cake is)
anyways once they saw it was just meat they were no longer interested.
then the light changed and we all started walking.
i turned right ... we were headed toward my oldest childs school
i had gotten them out early
but we had to go the school when it let out anyways
as we turned i was suddenly in what i thought was a bus
but instead of moving forward
we were driving backward
then i realized i was in a train
and the engine was behind me
my oldest child was at the wheel..
i remember saying "dont touch anything"
just before i woke up...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


last night i dreamt of a faceless man
we were talking to each other from some distance
the whole time some erasure song was playing in my head

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i walked out of a 2 dimensional doorway
onto some steps that lead to an open field or yard
that was completely empty except for a small group of people
huddled in a circle off to the left side
as i walked down the steps i notice i was carrying in my hand a large butcher knife
i knew instantly i was going to have to use it.
as i stepped out onto the open grassy space i suddenly felt fear
i knew whatever i was to use that knife on , was here
i was scared , not knowing what or how was going to attack
and scared that even with this weapon i still might fail
for i had never had to kill someone or use a knife before to defend myself
as i took a few steps further into the yard
i noticed two children skipping around me
i looked and saw they were mine!
still fearful of whatever it was coming i tried to shew them off to the side
by the group of people
one skipped off , but the oldest walked over next to me
my eyes were scanning the grounds but a glint of metal caught the corner of my eye
i looked down to see my oldest child holding a large knife too!
"where did you get that!? you know your not supposed to play with knives"
i said sternly to her
"mom im going to help you with it" she said
i told her no that it was not her place to fight with me
i told her to put the knife away and go play
and so she wandered off toward the group

just then a short distance off i saw him
not sure if he was human but he looked more of some
he was dancing and moving about wildly
almost laughing
i gripped my knife hard and swung it in his direction when he lunged
but he was fast and moved back quickly missing it completely
he laughed and taunted me
knowing i wasnt prepared for this.
just as the fear got the worst i saw a book lying on the grass over to the side
i wandered over to it
the character walked over as well but i was too enthralled in reading to care
the pages were open
and whatever was written on them he saw too
we both suddenly knew that a fight to the death wasnt necessary
that there was some other way
i felt slight relief
and woke up

Monday, May 10, 2010


thick snow fell
i was walking down a long driveway heading somewhere
knowing something was coming behind me
i got to the end of the driveway.
i turned and look back to see my deep footprints in the snow.
i looked up back toward where i had come
certain there should be a car or something coming...
i saw nothing but black night and fat flakes falling.
i started walking back.
slowly, and having a slightly fearful feeling
of the car i was certain was coming.
i made it back to the front of a large house.
it was dark but the light was on.
in front of the house was two ponds.
the car i thought would have come was parked but running in between both ponds.
the lights were on and car door was open
the driver and the man from the house were outside talking
they were men i knew
i remember seeing big evergreens hanging over the ponds
their branches weighted down with heavy snow.
the whole time i kept hearing the chorus to
i woke up
with the song still in my brain...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

welcome to my head

so yes this is the beginning...
where to start, well here is as good of place as any.
i am a vivid and often dreamer. all my life my head has been filled with weird adventures that i explore in my sleep. i have answered questions, solved problems, gained information all from my dreams. i have also just explored random bits of oddness that pop into my head as i dream. some of these you may be able to interpret... if so id love to hear it!
some just maybe slightly amusing to you or completely embarrassing to me. either way i will share it all with you ....