Monday, July 12, 2010


i was in a parking lot with two other people
it started raining a little and then the wind picked up
i looked up to the sky and saw clouds swirling around
suddenly a funnel cloud formed right in front of me
i saw it touch down
there was a flash of bright light
and we needed to get inside
we ran into a building
i looked out the front glass doors to see something white fly by
i knew the tornado was coming at us
we tried to run for cover
there was no basement... only a small bathroom
we ran to an open bathtub and got in
we felt the wind shaking the building but nothing crashed down
i looked again out a small side window
then realized it was us that was spinning
the building i was in was flying through the tornado
like that old house in the wizard of oz
we were going to crash down and braced for it
i was holding onto a small child
but instead of a crash we just slid into place in the middle of nowhere
i remember the feeling of relief
as i woke up..

1 comment:

  1. this event would definately make my S3 list (seriously scary s***). great images!