Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i was inside this room with the door closed
a man came to the door and knocked
i was talking to him
and told him to come in
but he kept talking through the door
again i told him to come in
still he kept talking
his words started to muffle and i couldnt quite understand what he was saying
so again i said come in
so i can understand you better

my family was on the other side of the door as well
they told the man to go in
it was ok

just as he went to open the door
i woke up


Monday, May 24, 2010


i was in traffic under a bridge.
only instead of people in cars we were just standing
i had some sort of casserole meat dish in my hands..
people kept looking at it
and then two older teenage boys came over and asked me about it
they picked the food up out of the dish and laughed
they said they thought it was "stripper cake"
( no idea what stripper cake is)
anyways once they saw it was just meat they were no longer interested.
then the light changed and we all started walking.
i turned right ... we were headed toward my oldest childs school
i had gotten them out early
but we had to go the school when it let out anyways
as we turned i was suddenly in what i thought was a bus
but instead of moving forward
we were driving backward
then i realized i was in a train
and the engine was behind me
my oldest child was at the wheel..
i remember saying "dont touch anything"
just before i woke up...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


last night i dreamt of a faceless man
we were talking to each other from some distance
the whole time some erasure song was playing in my head

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i walked out of a 2 dimensional doorway
onto some steps that lead to an open field or yard
that was completely empty except for a small group of people
huddled in a circle off to the left side
as i walked down the steps i notice i was carrying in my hand a large butcher knife
i knew instantly i was going to have to use it.
as i stepped out onto the open grassy space i suddenly felt fear
i knew whatever i was to use that knife on , was here
i was scared , not knowing what or how was going to attack
and scared that even with this weapon i still might fail
for i had never had to kill someone or use a knife before to defend myself
as i took a few steps further into the yard
i noticed two children skipping around me
i looked and saw they were mine!
still fearful of whatever it was coming i tried to shew them off to the side
by the group of people
one skipped off , but the oldest walked over next to me
my eyes were scanning the grounds but a glint of metal caught the corner of my eye
i looked down to see my oldest child holding a large knife too!
"where did you get that!? you know your not supposed to play with knives"
i said sternly to her
"mom im going to help you with it" she said
i told her no that it was not her place to fight with me
i told her to put the knife away and go play
and so she wandered off toward the group

just then a short distance off i saw him
not sure if he was human but he looked more of some
he was dancing and moving about wildly
almost laughing
i gripped my knife hard and swung it in his direction when he lunged
but he was fast and moved back quickly missing it completely
he laughed and taunted me
knowing i wasnt prepared for this.
just as the fear got the worst i saw a book lying on the grass over to the side
i wandered over to it
the character walked over as well but i was too enthralled in reading to care
the pages were open
and whatever was written on them he saw too
we both suddenly knew that a fight to the death wasnt necessary
that there was some other way
i felt slight relief
and woke up

Monday, May 10, 2010


thick snow fell
i was walking down a long driveway heading somewhere
knowing something was coming behind me
i got to the end of the driveway.
i turned and look back to see my deep footprints in the snow.
i looked up back toward where i had come
certain there should be a car or something coming...
i saw nothing but black night and fat flakes falling.
i started walking back.
slowly, and having a slightly fearful feeling
of the car i was certain was coming.
i made it back to the front of a large house.
it was dark but the light was on.
in front of the house was two ponds.
the car i thought would have come was parked but running in between both ponds.
the lights were on and car door was open
the driver and the man from the house were outside talking
they were men i knew
i remember seeing big evergreens hanging over the ponds
their branches weighted down with heavy snow.
the whole time i kept hearing the chorus to
i woke up
with the song still in my brain...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

welcome to my head

so yes this is the beginning...
where to start, well here is as good of place as any.
i am a vivid and often dreamer. all my life my head has been filled with weird adventures that i explore in my sleep. i have answered questions, solved problems, gained information all from my dreams. i have also just explored random bits of oddness that pop into my head as i dream. some of these you may be able to interpret... if so id love to hear it!
some just maybe slightly amusing to you or completely embarrassing to me. either way i will share it all with you ....