Thursday, June 24, 2010


talking to some blonde girl through a cabinet
she was showing how it worked
one of the pieces fell apart
and my father came in to show us how to fix it
the girl started flirting with my father so he left the room ..i followed
we were in some sort of lobby
waiting for family members to arrive
at the last minute my cousin (who i was hoping would get there) didnt make it
so i wandered back into the room where the girl had been
she was now laying on a couch
there was another blonde girl on the floor in a sleeping bag
they were laughing so i walked over to talk to them
i soon realized they were telling stories of how mean they were to people
and laughing about it
when i spoke up... they didnt care.
so once again i left
as i walked out of the room i realized i was on a highway
i was driving and had a passenger
somehow some dogs had gotten loose and were running in the opposite direction of traffic
and coming at us
i remember thinking we need to help them

suddenly i was on the road walking
i was with a friend of mine (who i think was the passenger too)
and then some family of mine started walking with us
a small kid was near me and i picked him up to carry him as we went into this large building
once inside i put the child down and he ran off
a few of us sat down in this rounded booth
my friend sat next to me
i remember my friend leaning over and whispering something in my ear
i forgot what he said
but in the next moment i felt his hands on the inside of my leg
whatever he said made me feel this was ok
i wanted it
suddenly it was just us
still in the seats only there was no table and no one with us
i could feel his hands on me (among other things)
we were completely consumed

needless to say the dream ended well.

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