Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i walked out of a 2 dimensional doorway
onto some steps that lead to an open field or yard
that was completely empty except for a small group of people
huddled in a circle off to the left side
as i walked down the steps i notice i was carrying in my hand a large butcher knife
i knew instantly i was going to have to use it.
as i stepped out onto the open grassy space i suddenly felt fear
i knew whatever i was to use that knife on , was here
i was scared , not knowing what or how was going to attack
and scared that even with this weapon i still might fail
for i had never had to kill someone or use a knife before to defend myself
as i took a few steps further into the yard
i noticed two children skipping around me
i looked and saw they were mine!
still fearful of whatever it was coming i tried to shew them off to the side
by the group of people
one skipped off , but the oldest walked over next to me
my eyes were scanning the grounds but a glint of metal caught the corner of my eye
i looked down to see my oldest child holding a large knife too!
"where did you get that!? you know your not supposed to play with knives"
i said sternly to her
"mom im going to help you with it" she said
i told her no that it was not her place to fight with me
i told her to put the knife away and go play
and so she wandered off toward the group

just then a short distance off i saw him
not sure if he was human but he looked more of some
he was dancing and moving about wildly
almost laughing
i gripped my knife hard and swung it in his direction when he lunged
but he was fast and moved back quickly missing it completely
he laughed and taunted me
knowing i wasnt prepared for this.
just as the fear got the worst i saw a book lying on the grass over to the side
i wandered over to it
the character walked over as well but i was too enthralled in reading to care
the pages were open
and whatever was written on them he saw too
we both suddenly knew that a fight to the death wasnt necessary
that there was some other way
i felt slight relief
and woke up

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