Monday, May 10, 2010


thick snow fell
i was walking down a long driveway heading somewhere
knowing something was coming behind me
i got to the end of the driveway.
i turned and look back to see my deep footprints in the snow.
i looked up back toward where i had come
certain there should be a car or something coming...
i saw nothing but black night and fat flakes falling.
i started walking back.
slowly, and having a slightly fearful feeling
of the car i was certain was coming.
i made it back to the front of a large house.
it was dark but the light was on.
in front of the house was two ponds.
the car i thought would have come was parked but running in between both ponds.
the lights were on and car door was open
the driver and the man from the house were outside talking
they were men i knew
i remember seeing big evergreens hanging over the ponds
their branches weighted down with heavy snow.
the whole time i kept hearing the chorus to
i woke up
with the song still in my brain...

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