Monday, May 24, 2010


i was in traffic under a bridge.
only instead of people in cars we were just standing
i had some sort of casserole meat dish in my hands..
people kept looking at it
and then two older teenage boys came over and asked me about it
they picked the food up out of the dish and laughed
they said they thought it was "stripper cake"
( no idea what stripper cake is)
anyways once they saw it was just meat they were no longer interested.
then the light changed and we all started walking.
i turned right ... we were headed toward my oldest childs school
i had gotten them out early
but we had to go the school when it let out anyways
as we turned i was suddenly in what i thought was a bus
but instead of moving forward
we were driving backward
then i realized i was in a train
and the engine was behind me
my oldest child was at the wheel..
i remember saying "dont touch anything"
just before i woke up...

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