Wednesday, June 2, 2010


so i was in this big yard.. i think my fathers
and there were people all around and family
we noticed this huge lion walking amongst us
someone had said he was friendly so we didn't think twice
i watched him as he walked..
so big and strong, i felt drawn to him
then something happened
the lion suddenly seemed to be getting mad or frustrated
he roared loudly and then started slowly running through the crowd
his eyes fixed on me
i felt nervous at first
but then i saw him running toward me
i got scared and unsure of what his intentions were
so i ran
into a small room and two other women ran with me
we just got the door shut to the room as the lion reached us!
we were holding the door closed as hard as we could
but the lion roared and the door broke
suddenly it was just me

in what now seemed to be a bathroom
and the lion was looking at me through the broken door
i decided for some reason my best bet was to get into the bathtub
so i ran to it and hopped in.
i layed down in the fetal position with my head down
i realized there was a couple inches of water in the tub and i didn't want to stick my face in
so i put my head down as close to it as possible
suddenly the lion burst in
i was frightened still unsure of what he would do
he ran over to me and stuck his face right by mine..
i remember peeking and seeing his giant eye looking at me
he was sniffing me
checking me out
then he stuck his nose in the water and started drinking
i realized then i had read him all wrong

slowly and cautiously i brought my hand up to pet his thick fur
i remember sitting there in the water just running my hands over him and petting him
he stopped drinking and watched me
as if he too was nervous
once he realized what i was doing he smiled
and drank some more
then turned to me
i remember looking at him and seeing how amazingly beautiful he was
his face , his eyes, his stomach was covered in what looked like
a rainbow of colors
i started to pet him all over and smiled and laughed
i felt happy

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