Saturday, June 5, 2010


(photo by: erosturannos)

i was walking down a road in my town
and noticing that they had put up new fruit & veggie stands
on some of the buildings.
like a farmers market..
i walked through looking at all the new fruits and foods
and taking photos of them.
as i walked through them thinking how lovely it all looked
i noticed i was headed straight for a pool
i walked right down some concrete steps into it
still holding my camera
only now i was talking to a man on it
as if it were a phone on speaker
i remember seeing my father and family
i tried to fix the camera so i could talk more privately
but it didnt work
so i spoke out loud
i was wading in the pool water almost chest high
as i talked
we set the camera i was holding up
so that we could see eachother through it
we talked until i heard a giant thud
then i woke up

..... (the thud was real)

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