Saturday, June 12, 2010


i was in a hotel room
visiting a man whom i had known
i knew i loved this man and wanted to be with him but we couldn't
my mother was there sitting on the couch with us
she was talking to him and asking him things
i think she knew he was the one
but didn't let on

we were walking around this hotel suite
and the two of us passed in the back room
he leaned in and kissed me. quickly but lovingly
i instantly got tears in my eyes
i told him how i was waiting for him.. or trying at least
and i missed him
and i couldn't wait till we could be together
he whispered to me that we must wait longer
and wandered off to another room to get ready

he was going with some other men on some sort of mission
they were to take a plane and somehow get past all this security and guards
i too had friends now in the room with us
they were gearing up
planning to create a distraction and to make sure the plane could get away without being caught
i started to get ready too
watching him and knowing i would miss him terribly
he could see the sadness in my eyes
he walked over and helped me tuck my shirt in and put on some big sweatshirt thingy
it was sweet of him
but then he was off
i remember him walking toward the door and me being oh so sad
and wondering how much longer i could wait...

then i was outside in a boat
there was a radar screen we were watching and walky talkies
a woman got on the boat with us. she informed us she had put something in the way so the security couldn't get to the plane as it took off.
we watched the radar screen until we saw the plane had made it
we were quite happy
and traveling down this river
then security stopped up
they were just talking to us a first
but suddenly were in a warehouse
their were dogs surrounding us
attack dogs
i remember i had to play as if i was afraid of them
so that the bad guys didn't know i could get past them
they finally let us go and we were back on the boat
i remember looking at my phone thinking
the he should be calling me to let me know if he made it soon

then i woke up

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